Second Line Stages

Emergency Procedures

From June to November, New Orleans can experience tropical storms and even hurricanes. Having a plan is the best line of defense. Visit for tips, including how to stay connected—and see below for our studio protocols. Let’s be prepared and stay safe together.

If a hurricane threatens New Orleans, Second Line Stages procedures for closure are as follows:

  • All tenants will be notified if an evacuation is being considered, and if they will be required to vacate the premises. It is up to each production/employer to notify all their crew members and employees of the evacuation procedures and departmental preparations.
  • Second Line will secure the perimeter of the campus. The security systems will be set on emergency mode; access cards will not work; all doors and gates will be locked.
  • All power and air conditioning will be turned off. All appliances, including refrigerators, will be unplugged. Second Line will notify tenants when the last garbage pick up will be. All refrigerators must be emptied by the tenant and all perishable items removed from premises. Any perishable items still on premises after last garbage pick-up will be tenant’s responsibility to remove. Any cost of clean-up after the fact will be charged to the tenant.
  • Second Line is not responsible for tenant belongings or data.
  • The phone system and website will be updated with information about when the facility will reopen. Re-opening will occur once clearance is given by the City of New Orleans.