Second Line Stages is a USGBC (United States Green Building Council) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) GOLD project.

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Here are some highlights of Second Line Stage's LEED achievements to date:

  • Second Line Operations

    • Eco Housekeeping practices and supplies
    • Eco office and facility supplies
    • Green vendor relations and resources
    • Comprehensive recycling, composting and set strike programs
    • Chilled Filtered water coolers with bottle filling spouts throughout facility
    • Bicycle storage, showers and changing rooms
    • Non smoking facility 
    • Low emmitting furniture and carpet systems
    • Rechargeable batteries throughout facility
    • Battery recycling program


    • Preferred parking for fuel efficient autos
    • Bicycle racks and private showers
    • Campus wide recycling

    Sustainable Site

    • Brownfield redevelopment site
    • Construction polution prevention
    • Nieghborhood restoration / community connectivity
    • Heat island effect at roof

    Construction / Recycled and Reused

    • Achieved: 20% recycled content in all building materials (excluding mechanical, electrical, and plumbing)
    • Achieved: Reuse of 75% of the building’s existing exterior walls and structural elements
    • Achieved: 50% Construction and demolition debris (waste) diverted from landfill.
  • Mechanicals and Engineering

    • High efficiency, air-cooled chillers and systems with:
    • Variable air volume systems
    • Demand Control Ventilation
    • Variable speed drives
    • R-410 and R-134a no ozone depleting refrigerants utilized in the cooling design.
    • And premium efficiency motors on all mechanical and electrical systems
    • Thermal seal and insulation have designed for efficient energy performance, mold/moisture control, and comfort
    • Coolers have enhanced refrigerant management

    Indoor Air / Environmental Quality

    • Low emitting materials: paints, coatings, sealants, composite wood and agrifibers, adhesives,
    • Quality IAQ performance
    • Thermal comfort design
    • Controlablity of lighting systems
    • Outdoor air delivery monitoring


    • Low-Flow plumbing fixtures
    • 30% Water use reduction
    • Water efficient landscaping
  • Power / Lighting

    • Building with ‘systems' optimization’ software to minimize energy usage
    • Energy / power consumption metering
    • Energy efficient fixtures and appliances in place throughout 
    • High efficiency T-5 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts


    • All adhesives and sealants meet low VOC limits set by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168.
    • Paints and coatings meet VOC limitations set by Green Seal Standard GS-11.
    • All carpet Green Label Plus certified by Carpet and Rug Institute.
    • All composite wood products have no added urea formaldehyde in components or glues.
    • Windows - High efficient glazing with low solar heat gain coefficient

Green Vendors

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Services

Costume Rentals

Electric cars, carts, scooters

Grip and Electric

Post Production


Spas / Salons