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Sustainable, state-of-the-art sound stages.
  • SUNRISE 6:52 am
  • SUNSET 5:32 pm
  • IN NEW ORLEANS NOW: 9:58 am
  • 52°F
  • Fair

The nation's first green, independent film studio, in New Orleans, Louisiana NOW OPEN!! 

Second Line Stages is purpose-built to the exacting standards of the motion picture industry.

It is being built to comply with the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Silver Certification standard, which is awarded to structures that achieve superior environmental performance.

The studio operations are designed to enable cleaner, smarter, more responsible physical production practices.

Located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, Second Line Stages is less than 5 minutes from the historic French Quarter, home of world-class restaurants, hotels, live music and entertainment.

Highest Quality Biodiesel — B2 - B100

Mobile Unit Delivers Fuel to You (or To Your Location)

  • Cost Competitive to Traditional Diesel
  • Convenient Delivery Service
  • On Road and Off Road Fuel
  • B5 interchangeable with traditional diesel
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  • Higher blends achieve better emissions reductions
  • Locally sourced and manufactured to ASTM D975 Standard<
  • 504.528.3050