TravelCorp International

We are a corporate Travel Management Company. Our Production Services Group specializes in 24/7 motion picture and television project travel services.Aside from those initiatives supported by various individual vendors, we will be offering a CO2 calculator on our updated website. NOTE: The new version of our website will be available by early-to-mid second quarter 2010. Locally, we recycle, use wholly recycled paper, and pay close attention to our energy use.
Company Eco Policies
To direct our clients -- when given a choice -- to eco-friendly travel vendors.
Green/Eco Certifications/Awards
TRX, one of our vendors who is the provider of the pending CO2 calculator,is a winner of the 2008/2009 ITM Icarus Award.
Previous Projects
Our company deals in services, not products. Aside from working with eco-conscious vendors, such as TRX (above), we have received no eco-recognition or awards.