Strike it Green LLC

Strike it Green warehouses recycled set components, set dressings, props, production materials and wardrobe for availabilty for future projects. These items are then available for rental or sale. SIG provides 'released' artwork, by local artists for use in film and other promotional projects. SIG provides consulting services on practical solutions for making your production more 'green'. SIG offers alternatives to traditional building of sets, thus encouraging creativity and saving money. SIG's inventory and services are available for special events, VIP rooms, private parties and promotional events.SIG provides gently used or recycled set components, set dressings, props, office supplies and wardrobe
Company Eco Policies
Strike it Green aims to provide 'greener' alternatives to previous practices in all aspects of film production.
Previous Projects
'Robosapien' - oversaw the deconstruction and recycling of the set. 90% 0f the set was recycled. SIG is proud to have worked with many productions in Louisiana, namely: " The Expendables', 'Earthbound', 'Mighty Fine', Imagination Movers' and many more large and independent productions.