Riverside Lumber Company, Inc.

Riverside lumber is the premier dealer for all movie production building materials. We have twenty-years-plus experience in working with construction and art coordinators. We manufacture custom moldings and can duplicate almost any sample you provide. We stock commodity items you need from 1X4 euro spruce to 10' meranti plywood. Our years of experience can help locate those hard to find items such as plexiglass, soundboards and formica. Each construction coordinator has our cell phone numbers for use during those emergency situations that pop up outside normal business hours. From a 30-second commercial to a feature length blockbuster, Riverside Lumber has the experience and staff to provide prompt service to your production. Riverside Lumber is a lumber and wood products dealer who specializes in providing our customers choices in green building products. We serve our customers with a staff of educated sales professionals providing knowledge and experience in best practices as well as understanding and promoting good green building techniques and greener product choices.
Company Eco Policies
Riverside Lumber is committed to operating with a minimal footprint. We use solar powered hot water; operate with natural lighting in all of our warehouses; make efficient use of our electrical resources with specialized lighting and efficient air cooling equipment. Our delivery drivers operate with a goal of minimal mileage and fuel usage. We have a no idle oplicy for our road vehicles and forklifts. The accounting system we use is a paperless AR and AP system where we create imaged files for storage.
Green/Eco Certifications/Awards
"Certified Green Dealer" Status
Previous Projects
Unchain My Heart; Runaway Jury; Failure to Launch; Green Lantern; Mister 3000; Delta Blues; Dead of Night; Dreamer; Final Destination; Treme; K'ville.