The Green Project (and Recycle for the Arts)

Recycle For The Arts (R4A), a program of The Green Project, is the only art-supply resource center that collects and provides rescued art supplies to the Gulf South community. Our mission is to promote creative recycling, support the arts and educate the public through events based on art-making with reclaimed materials. Through our storefront in The Green Project you can find everything from high quality paint and brushes, a wide variety of paper and matte board, framing, sculptural materials, darkroom equipment, sewing and craft supplies, costumes and unique unexpected treasures. We are open 7 days a week, 9-5. Donations accepted! See above.
Company Eco Policies
The Green Project, which houses Recycle For The Arts, develops a culture of creative reuse by building a marketplace for reclaimed materials and cultivating a respect for their value. We collect and provide recycled paint, lumber, hardware, lighting fixtures, tools, toilets and tubs, windows, doors and other salvageable building materials. We also provide recycling of newspaper, tin and steel cans as well as e-waste (for a minimal fee) in a city that does not offer recycling to its citizens.