Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Enterprise Commerical Trucks

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers the largest rental car fleet in Louisiana, with over 100 rental locations. We have branches located near Second Line Stages, including location sites who service the New Orleans CBD, Downtown, Uptown, and the Garden District. We are also on-site at the New Orleans Airport. We offer a full service delivery at no additional charge to the production office, hotel, basecamp, and/or set. Vehicles range from Compact to Luxury cars, Minivans, Cargo Vans, 15 Passenger Vans, ½ ton Pick-up Trucks, and various size SUVs. We also offer specialty vehicles for your picture car needs as well. Enterprise Commercial Truck Division is a national division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Our fleet consists of ¾ ton pick up trucks with gooseneck and regular tow equipped. We also offer stakebeds, ¾ ton cargo vans and various size box trucks with lift gates. Our division has full geographical coverage of Louisiana. Hybrid Rental Cars Carbon Off-Set Fuel-Efficient Fleet WeCar™
Company Eco Policies
CARBON OFFSET PROGRAM Empowering our customers to offset the CO2 of their rental by funding projects that work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. MOST FUEL-EFFICIENT FLEET Operating the world’s largest fleet of fuel-efficient cars, including more than 440,000 vehicles that achieve 28 mpg highway or better. GREEN IT Environmental Defense Fund recognizes Enterprise’s use of energy-efficient thin client terminals for its rental transaction system as cutting-edge environmental innovation. HYBRID BRANCHES Enterprise is adding 5,000 hybrids to our nationwide fleet – more than doubling the number we own – and designating nearly 80 “hybrid branches” across the U.S. Learn more about reserving a hybrid online or by phone. WeCar™ CAR SHARING PROGRAM We're the first major car rental company to offer a business-to-business car sharing program throughout the U.S. Find out more about WeCar™ today. EMBRACING NEW, CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES Taking advantage of existing alternative technologies, such as FlexFuel and hybrid vehicles, and helping expand the availability and use of alternative fuels, such as E85. RESEARCH: FUNDING THE SEARCH FOR RENEWABLE FUELS Donating $25 million to one of the world's leading plant science centers to develop renewable, reliable fuels from plant sources. 50 YEARS…50 MILLION TREES Funding the planting of 50 million trees over the next 50 years with The National Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service. Learn more at http://keystogreen.com
Green/Eco Certifications/Awards
Learn more at http://keystogreen.com
Previous Projects
Some of our current and past projects are: Green Lantern, HBO-Treme, Battle: L.A., Secretariat, Disney's Imagination Movers, The Final Destination, Cirque du Freak,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mardi Gras, The Open Road, All the King's Men, Ray, Deja Vu, Hurricane Season, RoboSapien: Rebooted, Lifetime (Librarian 3, Fab 5, Living Proof, Tribute, Midnight Bayou, Pregnancy Pact, Business of Falling in Love, etc.), MTV-Real World. We have also been the rental car provider for various Reality TV Show, Commercials, and Music Videos.