A Charmed Life Child Care, Inc.

We are a newborn care and nanny service with highly qualified childcare providers providing service in the home, on location or at hotels. Many of our nannies are willing to travel with families. Our staff also must adhere to strict confidentiality for all of our clients.We sell a service and recommend eco friendly care and products for the families we support. We assist new parents with breastfeeding and recommend cloth diapers for their newborns.
Company Eco Policies
All of our business transactions are conducted online or by iphones, including client agreements and credit card transactions. Employee applications and payroll conducted online. We promote breast feeding and cloth diapers to our clients and recommend organic foods for our client's children.
Previous Projects
We are a new company that plan on conducting business in an eco-friendly manner. This is stated in our business plan and is available upon request. We are constantly learning and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.