Center Staging, Inc.

Event production company providing infrastructure equipment and services to the event, film and corporate world. We have two Stageline Mobile stages, Multiquip generators, QES "system" scaffolding, 40,000 sq. ft. of stage deck, 125 Staging Dimension decks, Steeldeck staging, bleachers, concrete ballast blocks and stuff that you need but can never find!Bio-diesel gen. sets.
Company Eco Policies
bio-diesel used in all diesel trucks and generators, recycling (re-use) of all lumber products, recycling of all aluminum and steel products.
Previous Projects
Brad Pitt's "Make It Right" Pink project, Failure to Launch, Elvis, Hungry Rabbit Jumps (current), Curious Case of Benjamin Butttons, College, Dream boy,Deal, Harpo Productions (Oprah Show), Meet The Spartans,Jonah Hex